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Hail Proof Roofing

For many Americans and Canadians, a regular battering from hail is simply a part of life. It’s the scourge of many homeowners, car owners, and insurance companies across the continent.

According to the NOAA’s Severe Storms database, there were well over 5,000 major hail storms across the U.S. in 2019.

All areas from Texas to Washington state and the Midwest, southern Canada in close proximity to the Rockies, across to Maine and down to Florida are affected annually by large hail storms.

Total annual hail-related insured losses in the U.S. average between $8 billion and $14 billion over the past 20 years, according to insurer Aon.

Hail can do tremendous damage to your property unless you’ve taken adequate measures to protect it – starting with a hail resistant roof or a professional roof replacement.

By selecting a Euroshield® roof, you are choosing the peace of mind that comes from knowing that nature can throw its most destructive forces at you and your home will still be fine. 

Why Choose Euroshield®?