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Request the Roofing Repairs You Need

Get in touch with a roofing contractor serving Billings, MT & Rapid City, SD

If your roof has been damaged in a storm, let the professionals know right away. Wegner Roofing And Construction can provide you with roof repairs when you need them most. We have the skills, resources and experience to take on even the toughest of roofing repairs in Billings, MT or Rapid City, SD.

How do you know when you need roof repair? Watch out for:

  • Cracked, curling or missing shingles
  • Light peeking into your attic or roof leaks
  • Water-damaged or rotten decking

No matter the size or scope of the repairs, our skilled team can handle them. Call now to speak to a trusted Billings, MT and Rapid City, SD roofing contractor.

Choose a roof repair company you can trust

Choose a roof repair company you can trust

Our team is always upfront and honest with you about the extent of the damage and what needs to be done. We'll let you know how long repairs will take, how much they'll cost and whether you'd be better off with a replacement. Get in touch with us when you have:

Hail damage: Montana's unpredictable weather can lead to serious roof damage in the summer months. Hail damage is a common issue that requires roof repairs. We offer fast and affordable roof repairs after severe weather hits your home.
Wind damage: High winds can cause major damage to your roofing system. Loose shingles can be repaired quickly with the help of a reliable roofing company.
Wood rot: Moisture and improper installation can lead to wood rot in your roofing system. Get a professional to handle repairs before it leads to bigger issues.

You need an expert on your side to repair your roof in Billings, MT and Rapid City, SD. Wegner Roofing And Construction is the company you can depend on. We offer full-service support and guaranteed solutions to any roofing problems. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact us today. We also offer free estimates on your roof repairs.