Dealing With Insurance Can Be Frustrating

Let our team help you submit your hail damage insurance claim in Billings, MT

Storm damage alone can give you a headache, but dealing with insurance after the fact is equally as irritating. If you need a qualified roofing team to take care of your storm damage, turn to Wegner Roofing And Construction. We'll repair your roof and help you file a hail damage insurance claim. We'll perform a thorough insurance restoration inspection and communicate all of the work that needs to be done directly to your insurance company.

Feel comfortable and protected when you hire us to take care of your hail damage in Billings, MT. Call us today to schedule an initial inspection.

We can work with your insurance adjuster

We can work with your insurance adjuster

When you aren't sure how much damage is done and are only relying on an insurance adjuster to help you through the repair process, you're going to feel lost and confused. Instead of letting your insurance dictate the work, let our team perform an insurance restoration inspection first.

After our inspection is complete, we can let your adjuster know exactly what areas need to be fixed. We can help make sure that your claim covers all of the damage that was done. Contact us right now to learn more about how we can help you navigate your hail damage insurance claim.