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Why do you need to ventilate your roof?

Why do you need to ventilate your roof?

Your roof needs proper ventilation throughout the year to maximize airflow. This prevents your home from getting too warm and reduces wear and tear on your HVAC system. It also extends the life span of your shingles. The experts at Wegner Roofing And Construction can help you choose the best roof ventilation option for your property.

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Discover the different types of roof ventilation

There are several types of roof ventilation systems on the market that are designed to increase airflow and regulate your indoor temperature. These are your options:

  • Ridge vents allow hot air to escape your attic
  • Soffit vents draw cooler air into your attic
  • Gable-end vents let cool air in and release warm air
  • Powered attic ventilators use an electric fan to get rid of warm air

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