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Catfish Bay Greatest Show On H2O!: An Aquatic Spectacle in Sioux Falls, SD

Catfish Bay Greatest Show On H2O!, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is a thrilling water ski show that has become a summertime favorite for locals and visitors. Known as the “Greatest Show on H2O,” this high-energy performance features a talented team of skiers showcasing their skills in an array of breathtaking stunts and choreographed routines. Learn information about Sioux Falls, SD.

Spectacular Performances

The show includes an impressive lineup of water skiing acts, such as human pyramids, jump stunts, barefoot skiing, and synchronized ballet lines. Each performance is meticulously planned and executed, blending athleticism, precision, and entertainment. The show’s vibrant music and dynamic narration add to the excitement, keeping audiences engaged from start to finish. Discover facts about Pettigrew Home & Museum: A Historical Gem in Sioux Falls, SD.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Catfish Bay offers a wholesome and fun experience for the entire family. The venue provides comfortable seating, concessions, and a welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal outing for all ages. The show runs throughout the summer, with evening performances that allow families to enjoy the spectacle against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset.

Community Involvement

Catfish Bay is also dedicated to community involvement, offering water skiing lessons, youth camps, and special events that promote water safety and encourage active lifestyles. The performers, many of whom are local residents, volunteer their time to bring this spectacular show to life.


Catfish Bay Greatest Show On H2O! in Sioux Falls, SD, is a must-see attraction that combines thrilling water skiing feats with family-friendly entertainment, making it a standout summer event in the region.

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