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Black Hoof Park: Where Nature and Community Thrive in Lenexa, KS

Situated amidst the rolling hills and serene waters of Lenexa, Kansas, Black Hoof Park is a testament to the city’s dedication to preserving natural landscapes and providing residents unparalleled recreational opportunities. Spanning over 200 acres, this expansive park offers a harmonious blend of picturesque scenery, outdoor activities, and community engagement, making it a cherished destination for individuals and families alike. Learn information about Lenexa, KS.

A Name Rooted in History:

The name “Black Hoof” pays homage to a significant figure in Native American history – a Shawnee chief known for his leadership and diplomacy during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. As a nod to the area’s indigenous heritage, Black Hoof Park serves as a living reminder of the land’s rich cultural legacy and the enduring presence of the Shawnee people in the region. Discover facts about Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park: A Gem of Outdoor Recreation in Lenexa, KS.

Tranquil Lakes and Scenic Trails:

At the heart of Black Hoof Park lies two shimmering lakes, offering a tranquil retreat for fishing, kayaking, and wildlife observation. Visitors can cast their lines in search of bass, catfish, and bluegill or paddle along the calm waters while taking in panoramic views of the surrounding woodlands and prairies. For those seeking land-based adventures, the park features miles of scenic trails that wind through diverse ecosystems, providing opportunities for hiking, jogging, and nature photography.

Family-Friendly Amenities:

Black Hoof Park caters to families with a wide array of amenities designed to entertain and engage visitors of all ages. Children can frolic and explore in the park’s expansive playgrounds, featuring age-appropriate equipment, interactive features, and shaded seating areas for parents. Picnic shelters and barbecue grills scattered throughout the park provide ideal spots for family gatherings, birthday parties, and outdoor meals amidst the beauty of nature.

Community Events and Programming:

Throughout the year, Black Hoof Park serves as a vibrant hub for community events, festivals, and recreational programs that bring residents together in celebration of nature and camaraderie. From summer concerts and movie nights under the stars to educational workshops and nature walks led by park rangers, there is always something happening at Black Hoof Park to inspire and delight visitors of all interests.

Environmental Stewardship:

As stewards of the land, Black Hoof Park prioritizes environmental conservation and sustainability efforts to protect its natural resources and biodiversity. The park’s management practices focus on habitat restoration, water quality management, and native plant conservation, ensuring that the ecological integrity of the park remains intact for future generations to enjoy.

Accessibility and Inclusivity:

Black Hoof Park is committed to providing accessible and inclusive recreational opportunities for all members of the community, regardless of age, ability, or background. ADA-compliant facilities, including accessible parking, restrooms, and trails, ensure that everyone can fully participate in and enjoy the park’s offerings. Additionally, the park’s welcoming atmosphere and diverse programming strive to create a sense of belonging and unity among visitors from all walks of life.


In the heart of Lenexa, Kansas, Black Hoof Park stands as a cherished sanctuary where nature thrives and community flourishes. From its tranquil lakes and scenic trails to its family-friendly amenities and vibrant programming, the park offers a wealth of opportunities for recreation, relaxation, and connection with the natural world. As it continues to evolve and grow, Black Hoof Park remains a testament to the enduring value of green spaces in enhancing the quality of life for all who call Lenexa home.

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