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An excellent roof combines two factors – quality roofing materials and expert-level craftsmanship. At Wegner Roofing & Solar, we bring both essential factors together to deliver the best roofing experience to our customers. 

As a family-owned and operated Grimes roofing and exterior improvement company, we understand the importance of having a roof over your head, so our team goes the extra mile to ensure that we give you the best quality service possible. Our services span all your roofing needs, whether a roof inspection or Grimes roofing repairs to protect your family and business. We also provide expert roof installation and replacement services when needed, saving you money and protecting you for years to come.

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5 out of 5 stars based on over 1000 reviews

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Clients Feedback
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5 out of 5 stars based on 1000+ reviews

The service was great! Scott is very knowledgeable and personable. He answered all our questions and was very friendly. The crew was meticulous. We’ll probably be contacting them soon about solar. Thx
Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson
Chris was quick to get back to us with our interest in getting solar panels on our house and was very well informed and prepared when he came to discuss this with us. Definitely recommend them for your solar panel needs!
Jilly Hatfield
Jilly Hatfield
Great highly recommended!
Christopher Robinson
Christopher Robinson
Called Lucas and he was able to swing by that very day. Great service and let me know how my roof was. Would highly recommend!
Luke Reinschmidt
Luke Reinschmidt
On time and concerned about our satisfaction. Great job
Tammy Seibert
Tammy Seibert
Storm damage inspection
Matt Adler
Matt Adler
Wegner Roofing is the best roofing Company in Billings MT! Sean is amazing and very polite awesome to work with! Wegner did a fantastic job on our roof! Thank you Sean for all your help keep up the great work!
cason womack
cason womack
If you want solar, from a local company, that installs with no hassle and easy cheap financing, call Werner Roofing & Solar in Billings.
Joshua Kraft
Joshua Kraft
I had not experienced a hail claim before or had to submit a claim to insurance to get repairs done. I sure am glad I chose to have my wife engage Wegner to help us take a look. Chris helped us not only navigate the process, but really helped us understand how it worked. Sometimes it took time and required patience, which is easy for us. The entire process of a new roof, siding, exterior painting, and gutters could not have gone any better. I love stumbling upon great people operating great businesses. We will work together again, in the near future! 10/10 You won't regret letting the Wegner team assist you in their different areas of expertise.
Kyle Stricklin
Kyle Stricklin

Wegner Roofing & Solar’s Exterior Services in Grimes, IA

You deserve the best roofing experience – one that gives you the best value for your money and keeps your property protected from weather hazards. Wegner Roofing and Solar roofing company deliver this and much more by combining all the important details, from premium roofing materials to expert-level craftsmanship!

Our roofing and exterior services are backed by our reputation and zeal to deliver the best possible experience to customers. You too can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hiring our experts for:

Residential Roofing

Our residential roofers in Grimes, IA help you keep a roof over your head by providing all-in-one roofing solutions for your specific needs. You can contact us for your roof inspection, roof repairs, roof installation, and roof replacement needs. We are one call away!

Commercial Roofing

Wegner Roofing & Solar protects your investment in your commercial roof by providing comprehensive roof repair and maintenance services that extend your commercial roof’s lifespan. Our team is also familiar with the different commercial roofing materials for roof installations and roof replacement projects.

Solar Panels

Leverage naturally available resources to generate power and save more on energy costs by choosing our solar installation and maintenance solution. Our solar contractors in Grimes, IA offer custom solar power system design and installations that fit your budget and cater to your energy needs.

Siding Replacement

Improve your property’s appearance and appeal with our siding installation and replacement services. Our team is versatile and can handle all siding materials, whether it is composite siding, vinyl, or fiber cement siding. Our services extend to Des Moines and the surrounding areas.

Roofing Contractors Near You

Looking for the best roofing contractor near you to address hail damage or other roof problems? Wegner Roofing & Solar is just one call away. We provide the best value for money to customers by first inspecting their roofs to identify the problem and recommend the most cost-effective solution that guarantees peace of mind and long-term protection from weather hazards. 

With Wegner Roofing & Solar, you’ll get excellent roofing services across all our locations.

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Roof Inspection

Weather elements like hail storms, high winds, and intense solar radiation can damage or compromise your roof. Your roof could also be a victim of hard impacts from tree limbs, pest activities, or other problems. Our roofers at Wegner Roofing & Solar can inspect your roof, identify the problem, and recommend the right solution to protect your building from related damages.

Roof Replacement

A badly damaged roof is a disaster waiting to happen. Extensive roof damage can mean more problems for your property due to pest infestation, water damage, and other related problems. Our roof replacement in Grimes saves you from the extra expenses of roof-related damages.

Roof Repairs

Minor roofing problems set the stage for bigger problems. Repairing minor roofing issues quickly protects your property and further extends your roof’s lifespan. Our roofing repairs guarantee improved protection for your home or business while enabling you to get the best value for your money.

Grimes, IA Siding Services We Offer

Looking to improve your property’s energy use efficiency and boost its appeal? Talk to our siding contractor Grimes, IA Today. At Wegner Roofing & Solar, we go the extra mile to ensure that your property gets the attention it needs while helping you save energy costs in the short and long run. Our siding contractors are familiar with all common siding materials, including fiber cement, vinyl, and composite siding.

Ready to replace your siding? Contact us Today!

Billings Solar Team

Benefits Of Working With Wegner Roofing & Solar

Insurance Restoration Professionals

We are not just another roofing company. We always go the extra mile and offer more than just regular roofing services. We are your reliable insurance restoration specialists and have the expertise and knowledge on how to help our clients navigate the insurance claim process successfully and restore their properties quickly.

Roof Installed Within A Day

With our top roofing contractors, you will get your quality new roof right when you need it. Keeping you and your property fully and adequately protected is imperative. That is why we work hard to schedule your roof installations within a couple of weeks and complete the installations within a day.

Honesty, Integrity, And Trust

Being a family business and a local roofing company, we operate on our core values of honesty, integrity, and trust. We always stand by our word, operate on full transparency, and our goal is to build trust and great rapport with our community. With our team of roofers in Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota you will always know where you stand.

Family Owned And Operated Roofing Company

With Wegner Roofing & Solar, you will always get experienced roofers who will treat you like family and your property like their own. As a family and a roofing company, we have both lived and worked in this beautiful community for a long time and we strive to contribute as much as we can.

Best Roofing Experience Of Your Life

Our experienced and friendly roofing contractors are fully committed to providing our clients and their properties with an unparalleled experience from beginning to end. No matter the type and scope of the roofing services you require, you will get the highest quality roofing and unmatched customer service.

Top-Quality Product Selection

We bring you products from trusted industry manufacturers that deliver superior home protection with guaranteed quality.

Our Projects

When local residents need roofing services, we’re there to help. Check out the projects we’ve completed throughout the area.

Wegner Roofing

Frequently Asked Questions

Wegner Roofing & Solar is open Mondays through Fridays between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM.
Our roofers in Grimes, IA offer all kinds of commercial and residential roofing services to keep your property protected from weather elements. Contact us for roof inspections, repairs, replacements, and installations.
Your roofing needs depend largely on the extent of damage suffered. Our team offers free roof inspections to identify specific problems and recommend a cost-effective solution between repair and replacement.
Your roof repair project can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The cost will depend largely on the type and extent of damage, the roofing materials needed, and other factors.
Yes, but it’s not recommended. DIY roof repairs may often lead to more problems and more expensive repairs due to bad fixes or ignoring underlying problems.
Most roofs can last anywhere between 10 years to 50 years, depending on the material, installation, and maintenance.
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