How To Fix A Sagging Roof Guide

Guide On How To Fix A Sagging Roof

A roof is one of the biggest components of any home. It is what protects the inside of the structure. If you notice that the roof is not aligned, or if it dips, bends, bows, or anything else, it might be time to consider having a roofing company come out and look at your roof. 

Several factors can cause a sagging roof. Everything from water damage, age, excess weight, and design flaws to faulty installation can cause this to happen with time. While a sagging roof might not mean it is going to collapse immediately, it is something that should be repaired sooner rather than later. 

Finding an experienced roof sag repair team is the best thing you can do for your home when this happens. They can recommend and implement repairs to fix the problem quickly so that you do not have to worry about replacing the entire roof in the future or other expensive repairs. Here’s what to expect when fixing a sagging roof.

The Beginning 

Fixing a sagging roof requires help from an experienced roofing company. Depending on the specifications and extent of the damage being repaired, it can take a few weeks for the entire project to be completed. You must start with an inspection from an experienced roofing company to determine the damage and what needs to be done.

If the roof is sagging, it could be because of structural beams and might require more time than a small repair. The extent of damage can determine whether you pay a lot or little for the repairs as well. 

The Process 

Repairing a sagging roof requires the expertise of a professional. While some may feel this is a DIY project, it is not. You may not know how to repair the issue if you’re not trained to recognize why the roof is sagging in the first place. 

The repair process will depend on the issue that needs to be addressed. Structurally, this should be taken care of because when the bowing roof is causing stress in one area, it can cause the entire roof to cave in, bringing the rest of the home down with it. 

Usually, L channels are used on the roof to keep it upright and in place. These are drilled into the roofing material and kept to provide additional support for the length of time the structure continues to be used. This will pull up the roof of the home and keep it up. 

Roofing Services in Iowa Offering Peace of Mind

Wegner Roofing & Solar offers roofing services that give peace of mind to those homeowners that want to ensure they’re getting the most from their homes. Finding a company that you can trust and offer a wide range of services can ensure you have someone to call if your house is experiencing roof bowing. 

Wegner Roofing & Solar also works with your insurance company and can help file your claim. Besides fixing sagging roofs, we have a wide range of services to keep your Iowa home looking and feeling its best, including replacements, installations, repairs, and more. Even if you wish to have solar installed on your commercial or residential property, we can help with this, too. 

Wegner Roofing offers storm damage roof repair that you can count on. Whether a storm or another reason causes the sagging, having a qualified, experienced roofing company behind you makes all the difference. 

Have Regular Roof Inspections 

Whether it is for your Iowa residential home or commercial property, having inspections regularly comes with many benefits. 

  • Noticing signs of any damages and necessary repairs ahead of time and fixing them when they’re smaller so they do not become a large issue. 
  • It simplifies any claims that are being filed with the insurance company.
  • Protects the roofing warranty that may still be covering the roofing materials. 
  • It provides you with the peace of mind you need as a homeowner.
  • Avoids further damage to the roof by resolving roofing problems before they get out of hand
  • Avoids long-term expenses and care when you recognize and fix issues quicker

Remember, proper roof inspections are important and can save you money. Make sure to speak with a roofing company that can come out and provide these for you. Professional roofers are trained on how to conduct roof inspections. Therefore, they have a better chance of diagnosing what is ailing your roof and recommending the best way to fix it. Protect your biggest investment by having professional inspections done regularly. 


Sagging roof repair can be dangerous. During roof repairs, proper safety precautions must be taken by contractors to prevent injuries, further damage to the roof, or even death. This is why only a qualified professional should provide roof repair to sagging roofs. A roof is liable to collapse during the repair process, if not done properly, resulting in death or serious injury for those in the area.

That is why we strongly discourage taking up your sagging roof repair as a DIY project. A qualified roofing professional can help you save both time and money by repairing your roof properly. Hiring a professional roofing company also ensures that your insurance policy covers the work being done in case of injury or property damage.

Contact a Roofing Professional 

Reach out to Wegner Roofing & Solar, a group of highly recommended roofing professionals in Iowa. We can come to your location, conduct an inspection and provide an accurate estimate on the work necessary to repair your sagging roof problem.

Grab Your FREE Estimate

If you are experiencing roof sagging, you must speak with a professional as soon as possible. Here at Wegner Roofing & Solar, we can provide a detailed estimate on the work required to get your roof back in tip-top shape. 

Call us today; we’d be happy to provide more information, answer your questions, and ensure that your sagging roof is repaired properly.

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