How to get ready for a roof replacement: 10 best practices

Roof replacement is a long-term investment that provides you and your loved ones with safety and protection. And now that you’ve decided to get one for your own home, you may be wondering what’s next. Is there anything you can or should do to prepare and help the process go over smoothly? As a matter of fact, there is!

There are a few things you can do both inside and outside your home to protect your property, minimize any risks of damage, and keep the stress levels at a minimum. And to help you in that process, we bring you ten very practical tips.

Read on and find out how to get ready for a roof replacement before your roofers arrive!

1. Relocate Your Cars

Removing your vehicles from the driveway and garage is important as roofers will need some space for their equipment and the trucks that will carry the shingles. But what’s even more important for you, this way you will also protect your vehicles from potential damage and scratches caused by debris.

2. Clear Away Your Patio and Yard

Clearing your yard and patio will ensure a safe workplace for your roofers and minimize the risk of them tripping over garden furniture, bicycles, or children’s toys. You, on the other hand, will again avoid any potential damages to those objects.

So, remember to move these objects from the area, along with any potted plants, lights, statues, and other movable items.

3. Prune the Trees and Cut the Grass

Our roofers always strive to keep the roof replacement site clean, but debris and nails may fall here and there, so cleaning around the house will be easier when the grass is cut.

In addition to that, roofers will need free and safe access to the entire roof, so it’s also recommended to cut and prune any nearby trees that are overhanging or touching your roof.

4. Detach Your Antennas and Satellite Dishes

Any objects on the roof, such as antennas and satellite dishes, will need to be removed before the replacement. You can remove them yourself if it is safe and if you can reach them from the attic, but the roofers will usually do it themselves before they start replacing your roof.

5. Clear Your Attic

When replacing the roof, you can expect some debris or dirt to fall into the attic. Make sure you take valuable items out of the attic and secure the other items left there. You can cover everything with some old sheets or a tarp.

6. Take the Wall Decorations Off

Your home might experience some vibrations during the roof replacement process. They usually come from hammering on the roof and may affect the walls inside your home.

To prevent objects such as mirrors, paintings, and framed photos from falling off of walls and getting damaged, make sure to remove them before the roof replacement starts.

7. Seal Your Windows

Vibrations and potential debris falling from the roof may scratch or damage your windows. So, for the duration of the roof replacement, you can seal or board up the windows to protect them.

8. Secure Fragile Items

If you have shelves or cupboards on the walls, make sure nothing happens to the fragile items stored in them, such as glasses, vases, plates, and similar breakable items. Move them further away from walls and make sure they are not touching each other.

9. Stay at Home or Temporarily Relocate

Roof replacement can take from one to several days, depending on the roof’s size and the type of the project, so you may also think about whether to stay at home or relocate for a few days.

While our roofers keep all the noise and disruption at a minimum, some homeowners may choose to relocate until the project is done, especially those with small kids.

10. Get Your Kids Ready

It’s important to prepare your kids and tell them about the work that will be done. Make sure to warn them not to run around the worksite as there might be some nails or debris while the replacement is underway.

You may also choose to have your children and pets stay with relatives, friends, or neighbors while the roof is being replaced.

Ready for Your Replacement

Taking some of these safety precautions will help you have a safe and completely stress-free roof replacement experience. Of course, at Wegner Roofing, we will always go the extra mile to keep everything clean and safe, and you can always reach out to us for any additional information before, during, or after the replacement.

As your best local roof replacement contractor, we are here to provide you with the highest quality of service and answer all of your questions!

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