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If your siding is worn out, it can really impact the value of your home. Scheduling a siding repair early could save you money on a replacement later on. Rely on wegner roofing and construction for siding repair services in billings, mt & rapid city, sd. We can determine the extent of the damage and repair it quickly. Contact us today to speak with an experienced contractor. We’ll work within your budget by offering competitive pricing and free estimates for every service.

3 Signs You Need A Siding Repair

Not sure if you need siding repair services? No problem. We’ll complete an inspection before tackling any repairs. You should reach out to us if you notice: 1. Mold growth 2. Holes or bubbles 3. Warped or loose panels If you have concerns, we’ll take a look at your home and offer an honest opinion about the condition of your siding. Call us today at Billings 406-850-9842 or Rapid City 605- 515-2004 to set up a siding repair appointment. We offer a 100% custom satisfaction guarantee.

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Why Choose Other Siding Brands when James Hardie is the Best?

James Hardie Siding

The Product – A “fiber cement” solution was introduced in the 90’s for quicker installation

Strength – Non-combustible, ASTM-rated for fire protection

Style– Sleek shakes that are very resistant to fire and insects

Warranty – We offer a transferable 15 year trim warranty and 30 year non-prorated warranty

Installation – The only siding brand that comes pre-finished from the manufacturer

The Leading Competitor

The Product – Easy to work with for one person

Strength – Tendency of flaking and coatings are only covered by the applier and not by siding manufacturer

Style – Large variety of colors; impact resistance from balls and low-level impact

Warranty – Typically, covers defects 100% for the first 5 years.

Installation – Edges aren’t painted or primed, so installation time varies