Timberline Solar Shingles

If you want to reduce your household utility bill and carbon footprint, you need a solar installation. While most household solar photovoltaic (PV) systems feature a panel array, solar shingles are becoming increasingly popular due to their aesthetic appeal and low maintenance requirements.

As GAF-certified roofing contractors, we at Wegner Roofing & Solar recommend and install Timberline Solar™ shingles. Learn more about these shingles and their performance below.

What Are Timberline Solar™ Energy Shingles?

The GAF Timberline Solar™ roofing system consists of asphalt roofing shingle strips. However, the Timberline Solar™ shingles have monocrystalline solar cells, unlike regular asphalt shingles. These cells absorb the sun’s light packets to create an electrical charge, similar to a solar panel.

During installation, we nail the Timberline Solar™ energy shingles directly to the roof’s underlayment. This process is the same as a regular asphalt shingle installation.

Once the shingles are on your roof, we connect the energy shingles’ wiring to create a solar array that helps power your home.

This installation process doesn’t need mounting racks or fastening equipment, making the process relatively quick and easy.

Timberline Solar™ Energy Shingle Performance

Each Timberline Solar™ energy shingle has a power output rating of 45 watts. Theoretically, if you need to match the power output of a 360-watt solar panel, you will need eight of these solar shingles. Similarly, if you need a solar output of, say, 6kW, you need around 134 shingles.

The Timberline Solar™ shingles have an energy conversion efficiency of 22.6%. This rating compares with leading brands’ most efficient solar panels. Most other solar shingles have conversion efficiency ratings below 20%.

Generally, various factors can reduce solar shingles’ efficiency, including high temperatures. Partner with our team at Wegner Roofing & Solar for a professional installation, ensuring that your shingles perform optimally.

Timberline Solar™ Energy Shingle Life Expectancy

How long can you expect your new Timberline Solar™ shingles to last? Under the GAF Energy warranty, you’ll receive the following:

  • 25-year coverage for manufacturing defects that cause leaks
  • 15-year coverage for damages due to wind speeds up to 130 miles per hour

This warranty covers the entire solar shingle, including the following:

  • Electrical transition box with flashing
  • Wire bracket and covering
  • QuickStart jumper module

If you live in a location that doesn’t experience high winds and other severe weather, you can expect your solar shingle system to last at least 25 years.

How long will your solar shingles last in terms of energy output?

According to the GAF Energy warranty, the Timberline Solar™ shingles will lose 2% of their output during the first year and 0.55% every following year. After 25 years, your Timberline Solar™ system will be at 84.8% of its original capacity.

Some high-end solar panels have a capacity of up to 86% after 25 years. However, most solar panels have more or less the same degradation rate as the Timberline Solar™ shingles. In other words, you won’t forgo long-term output capacity if you select these energy shingles instead of panels.

Timberline Solar™ Energy Shingle Maintenance Requirements

The Timberline Solar™ shingles are an affordable solar roofing option that requires minimal maintenance besides routine cleanings and inspections.

Over time, a layer of dust will build up on the solar shingles, and plant debris may get lodged between the strips. However, the top shingle layers are dirt-repelling, and a single rain shower can wash off several weeks’ worth of dust. If there is no rain for a month or two, use your garden hose to rinse the debris and dust layer from your solar shingles.

A layer of snow on your Timberline Solar™ roofing system can prevent it from absorbing light and producing electricity. You can use a snow broom with a soft foam head to remove the snow from the shingles.

At Wegner Roofing & Solar, we recommend that you schedule yearly shingle inspections. We offer solar and roofing inspections to assess the shingles’ condition, wiring, and performance.

Timberline Solar™ Installation

You will need multiple solar shingles to match a solar panel’s output. However, one shingle’s dimensions are 64 1/4″ x 17 1/8″ x 1”, making them easier to handle and install. Additionally, each shingle weighs just over 10 pounds, approximately 30 pounds lighter than the average solar panel.

While a solar shingle installation is relatively straightforward, it is only possible with the following:

  • The replacement of an existing roof
  • The installation of a new roof

Is your roof nearing the end of its lifespan? Do you want to switch to solar? At Wegner Roofing & Solar, we can provide you with a complete and custom Timberline Solar™ installation that meets your energy requirements. Contact us to request a free estimate.


Can I get a federal tax credit after installing solar shingles?

Upon completing the Timberline Solar™ installation, you may be eligible for all available federal and state incentives, rebates, and tax credits. You also qualify for a net metering program, which lets you export your shingles’ excess energy to the grid for a utility credit. Contact our team at Wegner Roofing & Solar to learn more about these incentives.

Can I add a solar battery to store power from my solar shingles?

You can install AC-coupled batteries to store the energy that your solar shingles generate. A battery installation is ideal for off-grid settings, where you can’t use net metering to power your home at night or during cloudy days.

How much will my solar shingle installation cost?

The cost of a Timberline Solar™ installation depends on the size of the system and the number of shingles you want to install. We provide this shingle installation with a roof replacement, so the type and number of regular shingles you need also affect the cost.

Need a Free Estimate?

If you want to install highly efficient and durable Timberline Solar™ energy shingles, our team at Wegner Roofing & Solar is ready to provide you with a best-in-class service. Call us today or complete our online form to request a free, no-obligation estimate and start your Timberline Solar™ installation project.

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