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Are you tired of the increasing energy bills? Are you interested in an alternative power source that gives you the ultimate independence and flexibility? You should consider solar power. Solar power systems offer you a chance to become an independent energy user, producing the energy you use and saving costs in the process. Our solar installers at Wegner Roofing & Solar are happy to work with you to make this dream a reality.

Apart from our two main commercial roofing services, commercial roof installation and commercial roof repair, we also offer:

As a solar power systems installer, we have handled many projects and have continued to keep our customers happy with the quality of our outcomes. Our solar installers have been carefully selected for their experience, skills, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We will schedule a convenient appointment for you, discuss the essential aspects of the project, and deliver quality alternative power solutions to your home or business. We are only one call away for all of your siding contractor and roof repair needs.

As a company working with you for years we have: